Underware - Women

  • Women's Underwear 100% Merino Wool 190gsm. It is ideal for practicing winter sports. This extra layer of wool will keep you warmer.

  • The natural properties of dust and dirt repellence and breathability make it unnecessary for the merino garments to be cleaned to frequently which makes it better for the environment.

    The garment can be washed by hand or in the washing machine at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees on a gentle cycle and without the spin cycle.

    Lay flat to dry on a towel and and help it regain its shape.

    They can be ironed easily, especially with a steam iron.

    Do not wash with items that can damage the clothes as clothing with Velcro or zippers.

    Wash and iron inside out.

    Use a mild laundry soap designed to clean wool as the Zero Woolite detergent. 
  • Ultra soft merino wool
    Composition: 100% Merino wool
    First layer of lightweight wool 195gsm
    Wicking Moisture
    Tempers the body
    Soft touch Machine washable
    Do not retain odors
    Dries quickly Made in Canada.


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