A Bonnetier, what is it exactly?

We are often asked this question so here is the answer...

According to Wikipedia, a hosier is a merchant who makes or sells hosiery. So what is hosiery? Still according to Wikipedia, hosiery refers to the manufacture and trade of knitted clothing items, especially socks , stockings and lingerie in wool and cotton. It was on a loom that the manufacture of these items began to take place in 1449.

We have chosen this name to represent our company for its historical aspect. Our company is modern, but we wanted to bring out a sense of authenticity through the name. Also, we wanted a name that represents the craftsman's way of doing things and by the same token, that it can communicate the notion of "quality tailoring".

So no, a hosier is not a hat maker (but Le Bonnetier maybe one day who knows :)

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