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Our Story

Who we are

At the time of the Enlightenment, the works of a "Bonnetier', french for hosier, was to make socks and hats to sale at the market. This craftanship , resulting from the arrival of a new technique to weave the thread , revolutionized the ways clothes were made. This new technique made it possible to weave the thread giving it elasticity which prompted the creation of new products such as the invention of the sock. We chose this name because it recalls the work of the craftsman and the pride of a job well done, but it also reminds the innovation behind it all. 


Isabelle Marcotte and Henry Cho are not only the founders of the company, but also a couple. They bring their love for the arts to create a clothing line perfect for "La vie de chalet".


We offer three categories of products, a collection of outdoor clothing made of merino wool, wool socks, and our famous "funky t-shirts". Our Merino wool clothing and wool socks are made entirely in Quebec. By producing our product locally, we reduce the environmental footprint of the products. From conception to the finish product, everything is hand-made in our "atelier" to ensure the quality of the product from beginning to end. 


Our production is hand made because all the steps are made by hand and not using an automated mechanism. We use environmentally friendly water-based inks to create our impressions.

Let's team up !
Bonnetier is also proud to have collaborated with many brands to create unique products.
Here are some of those brands we collaborated with:
• Raccoon Skis
• Belle et Rebelle
• Totem ski shop jasper
• Boutique Epic
• Rouge Marketing
• Boutique Le Local
• Pikkorri Sport
• Austrian Ski Shop
• Mitek
• Soleno

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