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Our merino wool fabric is certified Zque. We use an exclusive weaving process that provides superior softness and strength to the fabric. Bonnetier's clothes are hand-screen printed by our artists with eco-friendly water-based ink. This type of printing retains the breathable properties of the wool.

Bonnetier's Merino Wool

We work with a single farm located in New Zealand. Our farm is 153 years old!
Wool is a renewable natural resource. The wool regrows year after year. In addition, it disintegrates in nature in less than a year. Residues expelled into the environment when the garment is washed will naturally degrade.
All Bonnetier clothing is made in Quebec. The clothes are designed by Bonnetier. We develop the patterns and we manufacture the entire collection at our workshop.
Of course ! We work with a farm located in New Zealand. The laws of this country are strict on the breeding of merinos and the non-respect of these laws is punishable by the law. The animals live on huge land where they move freely without being disturbed. The animals are brought inside the buildings for mowing twice a year, for their comfort and to harvest their wool. It should be known that without mowing, the animals would end up being uncomfortable under their extra weight of wool. We guarantee that musling is not practiced on our merinos. Our merinos have a dream life in New Zealand!


Poids de 140 gsm 

Laver à la main.

Poids de 190 gsm et plus

Vous pouvez laver les vêtements en laine de mérinos à la machine dans une eau ne dépassant pas les 40 °C. 

Ne jamais utiliser le cycle d'essorage.

Faire sécher à plat sur une serviette éponge en redonnant sa forme au vêtement.

Les vêtements peuvent être repassés avec un fer à grande vapeur.

Ne pas laver avec des articles comportant des velcros ou fermetures éclair qui risqueraient d'endommager le vêtement.

No need to wash our merino wool clothes every time you wear them. The wool we use is self-cleaning, so unless you've spilled some spaghetti sauce on your clothes, just hang them up during the night and the smells will be gone in the morning.


Our products are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for a 90 day period.

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